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Important Things to Consider When Booking Wedding or Event at RCR.

We want all events at Rincon Creek Ranch to be pleasant and fondly remembered. We would rather not take someone's business, than have any attendee leave having concluded that our venue was disappointing or lacking. To that end we want to be upfront about the limits of our facility and the requirements necessary when holding a wedding or event on our property.


1. First and foremost, we are a Lodging Business and the pleasure of our lodging guests is our primary concern. Guests have the freedom to roam our entire property. They may be found exploring the Sonoran Desert adjacent to Saguaro National Park, recreating in Luella-Boomer Hall, collecting pecans in our grove, visiting the horses in our pasture, exploring the Rincon Creek riparian habitat, or simply daydreaming while overlooking a canyon meadow.


We have found that events that are large (approx. 50 people and more), or run into the evening (later than 6:00 PM), are just not compatible with individual guests on vacation. Accordingly, the only event package suitable for these events is the Diamond Package which includes the two-night rental of all of the guest casitas along with the RCR venue areas.


2. The maximum attendance for any event at Rincon Creek Ranch is 125 people. For events having attendance greater than 75 people, hosts are required to rent additional portable restrooms, and provide personnel to guide parking. Attendance is the total number of people that will be on the property for your event. This includes principals, guests, and vendors.


3. RCR is primarily a lodging and venue rental facility and does not provide additional services such as catering, decorations, flowers, table linens, photography, music, et cetera. Tables and chairs are provided in some packages, but not all. Hosts will need to hire their own caterers and vendors for these other amenities. We happily offer a list of approved caterers and suggested vendors that have participated in successful private events here at the ranch. Other professional caterers/vendors may be considered if, in the opinion of Rincon Creek Ranch, they have an equal, or better, business history, practice, and quality. All catering must include wait staff, bussers, and servers. All caterers and vendors must carry liability insurance and provide Additional Named Insured certificates with Waiver of Subrogation and endorsements to RCR prior to booking your event. If the Vendor has no insurance, a one or two day policy (as applicable), may be purchased at a nominal cost.


4. Rincon Creek Ranch now requires the hosts of Weddings and Events to purchase one, or two-day “Wedding/Event Insurance” (as applicable). Fortunately, these short term liability policies have become very common and inexpensive, and are often offered as a temporary rider to most home owner insurance policies. The policy must include a Waiver of Subrogation, and a minimum liability coverage of $1 million per occurrence, and $2 million aggregate.


5. Rincon Creek Ranch does not have a Liquor License, or Liquor Liability Insurance. Accordingly, no non-registered guest may be given or consume, an alcoholic beverage unless served by a professional, licensed, and insured bartending service. The service must be contracted for all events having alcohol from the time that the first alcoholic drink is served/consumed until the last non-registered guest is off the property.


6. Although Rincon Creek Ranch is located outside of the Tucson city limits, we have residential neighbors, and are subject to Pima County nuisance and noise ordinances. Accordingly, all events at RCR must terminate by 10:30 PM with all non-registered guests must be off the property by 11:00 PM. Under no circumstances are “After-Parties”, of any kind, permitted.


7. Rincon Creek Ranch is designed primarily for vacationing couples. All of the bedrooms have either king size beds or queen size beds, with the exception of the guest bedroom in the Farmhouse, which has two twin beds. Additionally, since interim housekeeping is not provided, the same guests must occupy the same beds on all nights of their stay.


8. Access to our property is via a rural, unimproved dirt road with a creek crossing. The road is rough, but passable with a two wheel drive car. Higher clearance vehicles are recommended.  In very rare circumstances, flooding may make the creek crossing impassable in your vehicle. At those times, we will direct you to an alternate access road.


9. Rincon Creek Ranch is a “fair weather only” property for outside events. Parking for events having more than thirty guests is in an unimproved dirt lot. RCR is and old ranch with charming rustic beauty, however, outside venue areas may become slick and muddy. The grounds are not be suitable for all manner of attire.

Prices, Terms, and Policies are subject to change without notice.

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